Hopkinson Waste Management - Testimonial for the Commercial Sales recruitment project

Jules Gaylor from Hopkinson Waste Management sought the help of WasteRecruit to find an ideal candidate for their Head of Commercial Sales position. 

This person would play a key role in advancing their tipping, recycled aggregates, and skip hire side of the business. An existing knowledge of the local sector for tipping and recycled aggregates was essential.


Furthermore, the successful candidate needed to possess a strong commercial acumen and be a proactive individual capable of conducting research, leaving their own mark on initiatives, and demonstrating confidence and success in networking. Conversations also revealed the importance of impactful communication, essential for gaining buy-in to new ways of working.


“I’ve known Nick Eva for more decades than I care to remember! He knows the waste industry. When I described what I wanted in my new Head of Commercial, his team got to work. They are all well connected.


To land Natalie Hirst, I was delighted beyond belief. I only got her because the WasteRecruit folks sold my dream as well as I could. 9 months later, I’ve just promoted her to MD to replace me. I’m stepping up to be Chairman of our board. Well, I’m not getting any younger am I!”


Jules Gaylor, Chairman, Hopkinson Waste Management