PMG Services Ltd - Testimonial for the successful recruitment of a Plant Manager

PMG engaged WasteRecruit to find a Plant Manager for their award-winning recycling plant, which produces quality recycled aggregate and sand through an end of waste process. This role was essential for ensuring smooth and efficient operations. Conversations with key personal highlighted the need for continuous improvement from both commercial and operational standpoints. The role demanded adaptability to tackle unexpected operational challenges and make effective decisions under pressure. In addition, there was a desire for creativity and drive in order to achieve ongoing operational improvements.

“Working with WasteRecruit allowed us to pinpoint and focus on specific areas crucial for achieving successful outcomes as a Plant Manager with PMG. The team provided us with strong candidate options and remained receptive to feedback at every stage. The entire process enhanced the decision-making process beyond the traditional CV and interview evaluation. We offered the role to a candidate that presented a good fit with what we were looking for in terms of experience, qualifications, and personal fit. Several months on and this candidate is performing very well and had become an asset to the Team”.

Mark Day, Managing Director, PMG