Mansfield District Council - Testimonial for the successful recruitment of a Waste and Recycling Manager

Mansfield District Council needed a new Waste and Recycling Manager with the required energy and drive to manage this diverse and challenging role. This person needed to be a versatile individual who was capable of responding to setbacks, establishing clear expectations for staff behaviour and performance, and driving change for both operational and commercial enhancements. WasteRecruit were asked to conduct a search for candidates and take them through a comprehensive assessment process considering those key elements identified as being important for success.

“Having previously managed the hiring process for this role internally, Mansfield DC found the resources and methodologies employed by WasteRecruit to be valuable in helping us to select the right person for the role. We received a variety of credible candidates, and the reports provided, and interviews conducted allowed to us quickly determine who would be best suited to not only the role but in terms of cultural fit. Several months into their employment, we are pleased with how this individual has successfully addressed and overcome key challenges within the position. WasteRecruit’s process not only allowed us to find a great candidate but also reduce the risk of making poor hiring decisions”.

Sarah Troman, Head of Neighbourhood Services, Mansfield District Council